Nike Legal Internship: Gain Valuable Experience in a Leading Company

The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Legal Internship at Nike

Are you a law student passionate about sports and fashion? Do you dream of using your legal skills to protect the innovative designs and trademarks of a global brand? If so, a legal internship at Nike might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Why Nike?

Nike is a world-renowned company known for its cutting-edge athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment. With a focus on innovation and performance, Nike has consistently pushed the boundaries in the sports industry. As a legal intern at Nike, you`ll have the chance to work with a team of top-notch attorneys who are dedicated to protecting the company`s intellectual property and ensuring its continued success in the marketplace.

What Expect

During your internship at Nike, you can expect to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of intellectual property law, including trademark and patent prosecution, copyright enforcement, and litigation support. You`ll work closely with Nike`s legal team on real cases and projects, getting a firsthand look at how a global brand protects its valuable assets.


To be considered for a legal internship at Nike, you`ll need to meet the following qualifications:

Requirement Description
Law School Enrollment Must be currently enrolled in an accredited law school
Academic Achievement Demonstrated strong academic performance
Intellectual Property Interest A genuine interest in intellectual property law and its application in a corporate setting
Team Player Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment

How Apply

Interested in applying for a legal internship at Nike? Keep an eye on their official website for internship opportunities and application deadlines. Be sure to tailor your application to highlight your passion for sports, fashion, and intellectual property law. A well-crafted cover letter and resume can make all the difference in capturing the attention of Nike`s hiring team.

A legal internship at Nike is a unique opportunity to merge your passion for sports and fashion with your legal career aspirations. By gaining valuable experience in intellectual property law at a global brand, you`ll be setting yourself up for success in the competitive legal field. So, if you`re ready to take the next step towards a rewarding legal career, consider applying for a Nike internship today.


Frequently Asked Legal Questions About Nike Legal Internship

Question Answer
1. What are the eligibility requirements for a Nike legal internship? Applicants Must be currently enrolled in an accredited law school program strong academic record. Additionally, they must possess excellent research and writing skills, and demonstrate a passion for sports and the Nike brand.
2. What is the application process like for a Nike legal internship? Applicants are required to submit a resume, cover letter, and legal writing sample. If selected, they may be invited for an interview with members of the Nike legal team.
3. Are Nike legal internships paid positions? Yes, Nike offers competitive compensation for its legal interns, along with valuable hands-on experience in a dynamic and fast-paced legal environment.
4. What type work expect legal intern Nike? Legal interns at Nike have the opportunity to assist in a wide range of legal matters, including research, drafting legal documents, and providing support to in-house counsel on various projects and cases.
5. Will chance network professionals interning Nike? Absolutely! Nike encourages its legal interns to participate in networking events, engage with attorneys and other professionals at the company, and gain valuable insights into the legal industry.
6. Is there a possibility of securing a full-time position at Nike after completing a legal internship? While there is no guarantee, many legal interns at Nike have gone on to secure permanent roles with the company upon graduation. This often depends on performance, fit, and the availability of suitable positions.
7. What sets Nike`s legal internship program apart from others? Nike`s legal internship program offers a unique opportunity to work with a global leader in the sports industry, gaining exposure to cutting-edge legal issues and making a meaningful impact on the company`s business.
8. Can international students apply for a legal internship at Nike? Yes, Nike welcomes applications from international students who are enrolled in an accredited law school program in the United States. However, applicants must possess valid work authorization in the U.S.
9. What is the duration of a legal internship at Nike? Legal internships at Nike typically last for 10-12 weeks during the summer, providing students with a comprehensive and immersive experience in the company`s legal operations.
10. How can I prepare for a legal internship at Nike? Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Nike`s business and legal initiatives, stay updated on industry trends, and showcase their passion for sports and the company`s mission in their application materials.


Nike Legal Internship Contract

Welcome legal internship program Nike. Please review contract below.

Contract Legal Internship
This Contract Legal Internship (the “Contract”) entered Nike Inc., corporation organized existing laws State Oregon, principal place business located One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon 97005 (the “Company”) Legal Intern (the “Intern”) accordance following terms conditions:
1. Duration: The internship shall commence on [start date] and shall continue for a period of [duration] weeks, unless terminated earlier in accordance with the terms of this Contract.
2. Duties Responsibilities: The Intern shall perform legal research, draft legal documents, assist Company’s legal team various tasks assigned. The Intern shall comply with all Company policies and procedures during the internship.
3. Compensation: The Intern shall receive [compensation details] as compensation for the internship. The Intern understands and acknowledges that the internship is unpaid and does not guarantee employment with the Company upon completion.
4. Confidentiality: The Intern shall maintain confidentiality Company information shall disclose proprietary confidential information third parties without Company’s prior written consent.
5. Termination: The Company reserves the right to terminate the internship at any time for any reason without prior notice. The Intern may also terminate the internship upon written notice to the Company.
6. Governing Law: This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon.
7. Entire Agreement: This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the legal internship and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements and understandings, whether written or oral.